Relentless Struggles

With the smell of new year and resolutions still lingering, but on the precipice, I find myself in a complete rut. I’m so bored and terrified, simultaneously.  I know I’m not living the life I imagined.  I know I’m not doing all the things I want to do because I tell myself I have to … Continue reading Relentless Struggles


New Year

Got to have a plan.  Need to find classes in photography or some kind of art, maybe a writing class?  Need an outlet to find passion and friends.  I’m struggling, lost because I don’t know where to start or unsure I was ever found.  I’m scared of continuing to live this life.  I want to … Continue reading New Year


Last night in bed, Jack and I talked for almost two hours about the world and the problems and it left me feeling really depressed. The dilemma we find ourselves in leaves me feeling like I can’t really do anything or that anyone can when our government and corporations are so corrupt and greedy; when … Continue reading Control

No more

I’m waking up to the fact that this really is it.  I have to stop waiting for life to happen to me and start playing an active role in my own story.  I’m exhausted from doing nothing.  I have an unnerving feeling that creeps in when I look back on the time and the experiences … Continue reading No more

Bounce Back

The last three days have brought me out of my hole.  I’m still confused about myself and unsure of how I fit into the world, but I’m ready to start making a change.  Attending a work sponsored conference on coaching for three days, I discovered some of my own hidden potential. I reaffirmed that I … Continue reading Bounce Back

Can you lose yourself, if you’ve never known yourself?

I’m feeling utterly lousy.  At the bottom. Broken. Hopeless.  I don’t know who I am, what I’m supposed to be doing.  I feel like I have no talents and that leads me in no direction.  I can’t cope with all of life.  I have no idea where my place is or what I should focus … Continue reading Can you lose yourself, if you’ve never known yourself?

To give or not to give

Consumer bullshit.  Another rant in time for the holidays.  I have always been uneasy about the holiday season, despite its jolly and joyous portrayal in the media.  Maybe this is why it is so stressful for people?  They are constantly comparing themselves to Hollywood films where some chick travels to her family for the holiday … Continue reading To give or not to give